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Internationally acclaimed Kashief Lindo was born in Jamaica and is an exceptional vocalist, musician, songwriter and producer. Additionally, he has become proficient at the studio console. “Working in the studio is second nature, with satisfaction, burning energy, it’s just more fun than work,” says Kashief.


His father, Willie Lindo, produced and wrote some of Reggae’s most popular songs, for the likes of artists such as Beres Hammond, Dennis Brown and Maxi Priest, to name a few. Willie took Kashief to the studio almost every day from birth and nurtured him in an environment dedicated to the creation of music.

There were numerous times when Willie and Beres were in the studio recording for hours upon hours while four-year-old Kashief would sit and watch patiently as the masterminds worked.


On one particular night, on their way home, the idea for one of Beres’ popular songs was born. They worked on the melody until they got to their destination and knew they had a hit, so they decided to record the song the following day. Unfortunately, neither Beres nor Willie could remember the song’s melody. They tried but could not get it. When they finally gave up, they heard four-year-old Kashief humming the melody effortlessly. At that point, they realized that this young boy had a special gift and talent.


Beres insisted that Willie record Kashief. Thus, his first recording, “Live With Love” was created. Although Kashief has been highly influenced by the great reggae balladeers he grew up listening to, his personal CD collection includes R&B, Hip Hop, Latin, Country, Pop, and all other genres of music. His voice has been described as a cross between Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, and Michael Jackson, all of whom influenced Kashief. The young singer’s debut album, “Trouble-Free,” swept the United States, Europe, and Japan charts. The album features his remake of Jimmy Cliff’s classic, Many Rivers To Cross, a rendition that brought rave reviews.

He has subsequently released eleven other albums, namely: “Push For Your Goal,” an album aimed at motivating young children towards educational upliftment, followed by “Kashief Lindo Sings Christmas”, “Soul And Inspiration,” “What Kinda World,” and then came to his first all-original album, “We Need Love," demonstrated Kashief’s writing and production skills, followed by “Love Knows The Way.”


The album “Solid Soul” is a collection of soulful ballads paying tribute to soul music. When asked why he chose to do an all-ballad CD, Kashief replied, “Through the years, I have learned that to be good at your craft, you must pay close attention to others that have mastered theirs. So, from Nat King Cole to Michael Jackson, I have listened, studied, pondered, and sometimes been mesmerized by their amazing gifts. As a reggae balladeer, covering R&B songs infused with our pulsating reggae rhythms is not unusual. There is a need, desire, and obligation to pay tribute to soul music by covering songs with the same soulful, rhythmic delivery they originally did. Therefore, my gift to you is sixteen ballads, which I hope are selections that you can share with that special person.”


Other albums are “Keep On Keepin’ On,” which include songs such as How Can We Ease The Pain, Paradise Jamdown (remix), and Send Me Your Love. The “Outtake” album featured songs like Is It All Over Now, All In Love, Human Life, and Music Is A Part Of Me, “A Reggae Tribute To Michael Jackson”, an 18 track compilation album of Michael Jackson’s most popular and meaningful songs, on which he wails his alto over the original arrangements adapted to rhythms that cover the spectrum of Jamaican popular music - from ska beats to rock steady to reggae and dancehall flavors, as he portrays MJ’s signature vocal sounds.


Though he’s often described as a laid-back and humble one, when Kashief touches the mic, it’s pure fervour. On stage, he demonstrates the skills of a seasoned veteran. Over the years, Lindo has toured Japan, North America, Jamaica and the Caribbean. He was notably a special guest artist at New York’s Apollo Theater.


The Tamika Awards has recognized Kashief for “Best Male International Singer” and the ReggaeSoca Music Awards bestowed the honor of “Album of the Year” for the work “We Need Love.” His release in 2020 was an EP titled “Justice (A Conscious Journey)”. Kashief said, “l’ve found that social commentary is sorely lacking in our reggae music today.” The EP featured track Till Dem Bun Down Di House rode a wave of popularity on the charts in Miami and New York; it’s a song looking at controversial police shootings involving blacks in the US. The EP was released on the heels of a charming lovers’ rock single, Baby I’m A Want You, which held the number one slot on the charts in Jamaica.

Right now, Kashief has a brand-new album titled “LOVE ON...” and as the title suggests, it surely carries On... reaffirming the vibes, the soul, the message, and the Love that the consummate artist has devoted to his career.


Yes, this International Artist Extraordinaire stands proudly in his own reggae-soul skin. Still there is more to the man than one song could ever capture. Go ahead, just ask anyone who’s met him and they’ll tell you - what really sets the singer apart is his exemplary character.


The singer is the kind of soul who greets everyone with a positive vibration and yes, that signature smile. Truth be told, the artist spends most of his time in the studio, working with his father, not seeking fame or fortune, but making a positive contribution to the world with his music.


Kashief Lindo is a man who lives by his convictions and will not produce or be a part of anything negative or derogatory and continues to live his life, Trouble-Free.

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